Emily Stark

Department of Mathematics
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Zuckerman postdoctoral fellow

E-mail: emily.stark at technion dot ac dot il

Office: Amado 808

Mailing Address:
Faculty of Mathematics
Israel Institute of Technology
Haifa 32000



My research is in geometric group theory and low-dimensional topology. My interests include quasi-isometric classification and rigidity, notions of commensurability, hyperbolic and CAT(0) geometry, surfaces and 3-manifolds, Coxeter groups, free-by-cyclic groups, boundaries of groups, and the study of group splittings.

My Ph.D. adviser was Genevieve Walsh.


The visual boundary of hyperbolic free-by-cyclic groups.
(Joint with Yael Algom-Kfir and Arnaud Hilion.)
Submitted, (2018).

Quasi-isometric groups with no common model geometry.
(Joint with Daniel Woodhouse.)
Submitted, (2017).

Detecting a subclass of torsion-generated groups.
Submitted, (2017).

Surface group amalgams that (don't) act on 3-manifolds.
(Joint with G. Christopher Hruska and Hung Cong Tran.)
Submitted, (2017).

Topological rigidity fails for quotients of the Davis complex.
Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, to appear, (2017).

Commensurability for certain right-angled Coxeter groups and geometric amalgams of free groups.
(Joint with Pallavi Dani and Anne Thomas.)
Groups, Geometry, and Dynamics, to appear, (2017).

Abstract commensurability and quasi-isometric classification of hyperbolic surface group amalgams.
Geometriae Dedicata, (2017) 186(1), 39-74.

Intrinsically linked graphs in RP^3.
(Joint with Jared Federman, Joel Foisy, and Kristen McNamara.)
Involve Journal of Mathematics, (2017) Vol.10-1, 1-20.

Intrinsically linked graphs in projective space.
(Joint with Jason Bustamante, Jared Federman, Joel Foisy, Kenji Kozai, Kevin Matthews, Kristen McNamara, and Kirsten Trickey.)
Algebraic and Geometric Topology, Vol. 9 (2009) 1255-1274. (arXiv)


I am not teaching in spring 2018.

At Tufts University, I was the primary instructor for the following courses:
    Math 36, Applied Calculus II (Spring 2014, Fall 2013, Spring 2013)
    Math 34, Calculus II (Summer 2013)
    Math 30, Introduction to Calculus (Fall 2012)

The Math Circle, a program for young students to work on problems in pure math. I instructed Boston-area Math Circle classes 2012-2015.

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